Fangirling ^o^ (Part 2)

Moving on~~~~~~

2. Connor Franta

“Social media addict, cat lover n food connoisseur.” This guy is a Youtuber. MY FAVORITE Youtuber 🙂 Hey, if you haven’t seen his videos, go watch them. I highly recommend you to do that because he’s amazing 🙂 Seriously~

Image  🙂 Smile smile smile smile smile~

Image One of my favorite photos of him.


He adores cats! One of his cute kittes yang bernama Pre~

Image Wokey now this one just looks like Bieber.

Image This one looks like he’s one of budak dak MRSM :)))) Waaahh~ lol

3. Drew Malino

So this guy,.. He’s another Youtuber. The thing about him is.. He’s absolutely out of his mind! I perfectly love that about him 🙂 He’s awesome~

Image Image

Image Image WEIRDO XD ily.


4. Pelawak2 best kat Maharaja Lawak Mega; Jozan, Jambu, Nabil, Shiro & Sepahtu

Okay pasal mereka2 nie, I think all le Malaysians know them lah XD No need to explain anymore :3 ❤

Enough of that. Well, I think that’s it. Hehee see you next time~ :* Byebye.



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