Fangirling ^o^

안녕 여러분~ (Hello everyone)

Heheh, okay so basically I’m this fan-girling type. I’m not gonna start talking about how much I love them (sebab nanti hangpa semua tak larat nooo nak baca) Hihi.


Well, on 2nd thought,.. maybe I am gonna tell you about them X) BARE WITH ME please? B)

1. SHINee

Okay, so Shinee is my favorite Korean boy-band. There are 5 members of them.

Firstly, we have the funny leader Onew. He’s funny in his own weird way 😀

  Image His latest hairdo. Blonde Onew~ ❤

He loves chicken more than anything =.= I’ve even saw one of his hilarious memes in Google with a pic of Onew jester smiling saying “You take my chicken, I take your life.” HAHAHA XD

Image  Image lol this is awesome~ hahahahah!

Image Okay, so that’s Onew.

Secondly, there’s my forever favorite member, Jonghyun.


Back in 2009, he was quite famous for his hairdo. Love it~! 🙂


He plays the guitar. Image

He had a girlfriend: Shin Sekyung, an actress. They dated for about 2 months if I’m not mistaken. Sadly they broke up D’: Dua dua busy katanya 😦 Hm.Image

Also, he’s a wonderful singer! Jonghyun’s the lead vocalist in the group~ *proud* haha X) Image

He totally loves taking selfies of himself -,- heheh. Image

Like, seriously, if you go on Google and search ‘shinee jonghyun selca’, you’l probably see thousands of his selfies -.- Lastly, he’s a man who loooooves dogs. He can never stay away from them even if he sees them in the streets. 🙂

Okayy so~ Next one is Key. His name is Kim Ki Bum but people call him Key 🙂 Image

He can sing and rap. He is a total fashionista~ He has a lot of cool accessories.. Image

(If you watch SHINee’s One Fine Day on Youtube, You’d totally know what I’m talking about) haha. OH SO JEALOUS ~.~ Key is an awesome man who talks so much and fluent in English language 🙂 Image 

ImageHm, he’s awesome but I don’t have that much to talk about him. Heheh, maaf.

Now, moving on to the main rapper of this group, the one with the flaming charisma, Minho 😀 Image

He’s really tall~ mukanya pun dah macam melayu dah bila pandang dua kali~

Hmm, he’s an actor. He starred in Salamander Guru.. Also, To The Beautiful You as Kang TaeJoon.

Image Image

Minho as student and young athlete, Kang TaeJoon.

He’s now just finished the 20 episodes of Medical Top Team. Haha and oh no I kid you not, his appearance in Medical Top Team surprised me! He got the role of a doctor 🙂 Image

Waahh so proud of my Minho hihi.

Last but of course, not least, Taemin. He’s the youngest in Shinee. He had the image of a cute cute Taemin when Shinee debuted.  


But then as he turned 20, his image started changing to a powerful handsome young man~ X) Image

He also acts in dramas and all.Image.

He’s currently on a show called We Got Married with his so called ‘wife’, Son Naeun from the girl group, A Pink. ImageImageImage

My gosh they’re adorable together! I just hope kedua-dua pasangan secocok nih kahwin betu betul. ❤

OKAY Sebenarnye ade lagi so keep up with my next post: ‘Fangirling ^o^ (part 2)’

Byee annyeong~~ :>



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