Little Nisha

nisha comelll

Born on 10th of July at Mentakab, Pahang. Grew up in Selangor.

She is not that tall by the way.

She lacks general knowledge. ~,~

She likes iced milo, warm tea, milk tea, milk carrot juice, milk, chicken rice, roti bakar coklat~, cocoa crunch (err malunye hihihi) and much much more! Haha..

Hm, what else? Oh! When she was little, she refused to drink bottled milk, so she was quite weak all the time.. 😦 Her mother worked hard and shed tears, worried about her skinny unhealthy baby. Until one day, she would drink milk,.. but not bottled milk.. She would only drink milk in a SPOON. =,=

Nisha oh Nisha~ (Hm, mama ica mintak maaf sangat menyusahkan) 😦 Sooo, I think that’s the main reason she’s not quite tall when she grew up.(Tu la, siapa suruh degil sangat) -.-”

Heheh. She hides her sad feelings well with her friends. However, when it comes to her mother, her mother would be the first to know about that sadness she’s going through. πŸ™‚

She’s a student in an MRSM in Perak now.

She looooves to speak Korean. Her ambition is to be a ‘pakar bahasa’. She wants to travel to Korea one day and learn more and more about their language and culture.

Kalau cita-citanya betul betul tercapai, she would want to write books in Korean or type the english subtitles for Korean dramas or anything else. I think if she really get to be any of those (Amin..) , she’d totally enjoy her job because it’s what she loves after all!

Hm,.. she turns into a scary monster when she’s terribly hungry. Literally, her face expression would change drastically. Her sister, Najwa once said that she would be terrified whenever Nisha gets hungry.. Hehehee~

She likes to dream about her future husband. Hahahahaaa :> Anyway, she told her mother to choose a husband for her when she’s ready to marry someone. Kahwin paksa does sounds a little bit awful but itu kan lagi diredhai Allah~ πŸ™‚ So Nisha said she’d tawakkal to Him.

Hm. My future husband could have a girlfriend right now! Ugh I’m so mad at him~! :p haha ^,^

Alright so that’s about it. Later~

Love, the fourteen year old Nisha. πŸ˜€



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