Najwa Alya


I said goodbye to her before leaving for the bus going to Kajang from Kelantan. I hugged her twice and I could see her trying hard to hold back her tears.

I didn’t feel it at first,.. but then, in the bus I waved goodbye to my grandparents and her. I was smiling widely just so that I don’t want to be sad or make them feel sad.

When the bus started moving to our destination, I thought, Goodbye, Kelantan! I’ll miss youuu~’

A few seconds after that, I thought again, ‘Bye kakak.. I hope you’re not that sad. I’ll miss you too. So much..’

I thought I was going to be okay but at the end, I couldn’t help it. I started crying my eyes out, thinking of my sister and all our memories together during the holidays.

I was having a brake down.

My heart started to shatter at the thought of the loneliness without my sister, Najwa at home. I was feeling awfully sad.

Even though I cried so much in the bus, even though my heart was screaming of sorrow at the time, both my mother and my younger sister didn’t even realize I did that. They were sitting next to me.

All I could do now is sigh.

Kakak, if you read this, I hope you know that I terribly miss you so so so sooooo much, dude. Hmm. ): Ily, sista~ Forever and always.

Semoga you and I, also our whole family dipanjangkan umur to meet each other in the future.

Bye dude. Ily.


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Melancholy and letdowns., My loved ones

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