Hello hello Assalamualaikum~ ^o^

Hey2 guess what? today is 7th January and I’m in my class, 302.  Technically, when I’m posting this, 7th Jan of course dah lepas dah, tapi skrg ni saje nak update what happened that time. 🙂

So,.. school. Hm. -.- The first few days in Parit this 2014, we went through orientation which was so short ==’ It didn’t really cross my mind… Until the first day of school session and time tu ade maths period. My teacher started telling me about all the important topics I need to focus on.

She talked about lines & angles, transformations, algebraic expressions and all that. Haha and guys, let me tell you, I don’t really favor maths!

“Mathematics… Oh no.” -Jonghyun

Hahaa well that quote from my Jonghyun wasn’t encouraging at all LOL. He clearly doesn’t favor maths that much. Like me~ hihi. 🙂 Okay, so after all the important stuff my teacher mentioned,.. i paused myself from having a mental brake down.


Alright Nisha, calm down~ Okayyy this year I gotta reeeeally push to the max! Well, I didn’t mean that my maths was totally bad before this, but i got alright~ but of course alright isn’t good enough ==’

In my point of view, I think mathematics will be easy if you try hard to understand. I’m sure I can do better. :> In-Shaa-Allah.

“Ica boleh dapat. Cuma ica nak atau tak nak je.”

-my beloved mom.


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