Langkawi. The Arrival.

So,.. Pulau Langkawi 🙂

Although these stories, I should’ve shared them with you when they were all fresh, not forgotten, like now… What I mean here is, I don’t remember much what time I go here and there, where exactly I went according to the plan..

I wanted to cherish this one and only memory but I failed to do so, perfectly as I imagined. Sorry lots to infinity. But still…

The mind won’t be able to remember everything but the heart does. :’D
Thousands of memories shared with my lovely friends XD

Part 1: The arrival.

We went on the ferry for the journey to the island and these were the pics 🙂

Alhamdulillah, at least I have pictures as memories that I can actually remember truly, In-Shaa-Allah.


Farah Syazwin and Wawa Fadzil with a kid we played around on the ferry ^o^ Hahah tak malu betul dok kacau anak orang hihi 🙂

DSC01220 DSC01225


The view outside. SUBAHANALLAH ❤



Cikgu Abdullah and all the boys that came along :>



Muzakkir & Muhaimin 🙂 Senang cite, Akir and Mad; my classmates~



And of course, Afrina and again, Farah… hehehDSC01200DSC01202 DSC01206 DSC01207







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