Drew’s Sweet Side

Oh gosh. He’s such a loving brother in this video.

Probably saying this cause I don’t have any brothers lol
But seriously, Drew showed his charms as the cooler brother, getting to go home buying pizzas for her sisters, talk about their guy problems, play with his baby sister…

I could tell he’s just an amazing brother :’) His words touched me when he mentioned about their parents’ divorce.. He actually cried a little.

He’s awesome. This everyday vlogging thing for him is actually legit. ^u^

I love this vlog the most because it showed a more unknown sweet brotherly side of Drew.

I wish I could just tweet or send him a direct message and ask if he could be my pen pal slash cooler older brother haha 😀

Okay. That’s that. Bye guys :*
And Drew, ilysm. n.n


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