Childhood Friend

Okay Assalamualaikum people 🙂

1 question.

Do you ever have this one loyal friend from your childhood… and he or she is still in contact with you?

Well I do~ XD

Name given: Muhammad Zuhaily Syahmi b Mohd Zuki
Favorite food: BBQ kambing
Kata2 semangat: Just be yourself
Birthday: 28th Jan 1999
Favorite color: Red n blue

Adik dye muhammad harraz fahmi, 6yrs old. n.n

Tadika sama time 5 n 6 tahun dulu, kat Tadika Cahayaku Gemilang, near my house. Sekolah kebangsaan n menengah sama sampai I got that tawaran to go to boarding school.
We’re neighbours until now ^u^ His house is a stone’s throw away from mine~


It doesn’t get awkward for us to tegur2 kat twitter n all that heheh tapi kalau jumpa depan2 confirm malu habis haha 🙂 Why? Cause I’ve gotten chubbier than he must’ve remember hiii -.- Which is a good thing compared to muka si Nisha yang cengkung time kecik2 dulu :I

Okay, so for this last statement, I had to really push hiim to say something but here’s what I got:
“Stay pretty and stay smart…”-Zuhaily


Dunno if he said that out of generosity of he just got out of things to say haha

I appreciate it anyway 🙂
Dear Zuhaily,
aku harap our friendship ni berkekalan saaaaampai besar ye~ Be a good boy and a great muslim! Disebabkan kau ni kawan aku from 5 tahun lagi, honestly, aku betul2 nak jaga persahabatan kite ni (cehhh) 😀

Never loose contact, In-Shaa-Allah~ bye2 ily as a fren XD


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