Father :)

Last night, dad took me and Yaya out for dinner at a steak restaurant nearby my house.

Later, my mom will be sending me back to Parit, so it was the last time I’ll see him after this long week of holiday… And I’m gonna miss him so much…

After dinner, he dropped us off at mom’s house.

So I cepat2 salam dia, trying not to cry. It was raining. Yaya had a fever. So she got out first, with the maid payungkan dia from the rain. I got outside the car.

But as soon as I closed the door, I went next to the front seat window (?) and told dad to open it.

The window slowly went down and I just found myself crying, hugging him, saying that I love him, saying thank you… I feel happy and glad I took the chance to hug and thank him before I leave for school tomorrow…

I just feel that he’s so nice to me this whole week. I feel loved, appreciated and I feel like I have that attention from a loving father.

He used to spend less time with us but now, I just feel grateful that he does.

I’m trying my best to not salah sangka about him anymore after this.

I love my dad, forever and always.

Bye papa, I’ll miss you 🙂 See you next holiday. Thank you for everything.

Ica sayang papa.


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