A Change of Heart

Assalamualaikum people! 🙂 Haha

You saw the title, kan? Gosh. I don’t know what’s actually coming over me but I sure will be surprising my friends.. And by that I mean,.. huhhhh well, you realized I changed my theme and the background for this blog, right? Before this, it used to be Shinee’s turquoise picture.

WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME I’m practically betraying Shinee oppas OH NO this is totally bad BUT I CANNOT HELP MYSELF bc Bangtan Boys are SOOOO hard NOT to look at haha XD

I’m actually very scared to admit it to my friends, ESPECIALLY Afrina =.=

Why? It’s because,.. the moment I started to show interest in Bangtan Seonyeondan, she started saying, “Nisha, kau betul betul nak betray Shinee ke nihh? I’m surprised!” 

And ya know what I replied? “NO lah, no worries, aku akan always put Shinee first and BTS second. Duuuhhh. Well, I’ll tell ya what, kalau lah one day nanti aku lebihkan BTS drpd Shinee,.. I want you to slap me. AMANAH OK”


Umm,.. Afrina. If you happen to be reading this…






I’m still into Shinee, of course. BUT ALL OF THE PEOPLE AROUND ME ARE TALKING AND FAN GIRLING ABOUT BTS so I’m sorry, I just can’t get away from it so can you please not slap meeeee hahaha..ha..ha.. Ha.


Basically terrified now hihi. Anyways. Bye guys 🙂

J-Hope and RapMonster ~ Hobie and Rapmon slash Namjoon oppa KBYEE :* gtg~


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