Crazy for GIF + Shout Outs to Friends

And here comes the Bangtan Boys~ Known as BTS (방탄소년단) or in another name, The Bulletproof Boy Scouts XD

From right, Jimin, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, V. (Stage names)



“2, 3, BANG- TAN! *bows* Anyyeonghaseyo!”

*Jimin: *covers face and laughs*

Me: *looks at his arm muscles*

And a few seconds after seeing those, I’m like:

-Cute Suga smile- XD

btw his real name is Min Yoonggi. That name is adorable~ 😀 Why ‘Suga’? Hmm well maybe cause he’s one of the rappers in this group so maybe it doesn’t suit a rapper well..? I still think Min Yoonggi is a cute name for him 🙂 It is his name anyway haha~

Alright, so let’s see what we got here~

Ahaha~ Cute thumbs up fom Park Jimin and that smile + dimple from Namjoon (Rap Monster) 🙂

-I really prefer calling him Rapmon though, donno y it souds cute ihihhihihi XD –

 Ahahaha why so cute~?

– V (Kim Taehyung) with his manlyyy face, RapMon with his expected funny charisma and Jungkook with that baby-maknae-face ohihihihihihihii *FANGIRLIN’* XD

And suddenly Jin,

Bangtan’s Knight and Korea’s shoulder pretty boy attempts for a gwiyomi act and falls and he got embarrassed for no apparent reason haha ^^

-btw don’t judge nama dia okayy, real name: Kim Seokjin so his stage name is Jin,

now don’t go laughing or thinking his name is weird bc I know some of you areee :p I’m watching you~ –

And then the dreamy Golden Maknae comes along~ Aiiiiih Jeon Jungkook X)

-He’s called the Golden Maknae because he’s the can-do-everything youngest member in BTS. He sings the best, he raps, he dances and probably is the cutest ahahahah-

Haha I gotta take a deep breath~

Seeing them makes me feel aaaaaah ^^


Well alright I think that would be enough for this post~ All the GIF pictures are making me crazy of GIF and all that hihi

Arasso, annyeong~


I just wanna say thank you, to whoever you are because you could actually bare with my condition of falling in love with BTS ahaha (ESPECIALLY mom, my friends: Afrina, Farah Syazwin, Ainur, Saqinah XD)

-shout out to Saqinah who’s joining me in falling in love with them~ Keep on supporting dyorang tau Qinahhh ❤ Luv youu ^o^

p.s./ Aku sayang korang berempat dunia akhirat :* hihihi

so that means you’ve read this GIF post until here,.. and I’m so thankful for that *boasting my BTS oppas* ahahah XD

No lah, what I really wanna say is, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for visiting my blog. If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve already made a decision to stop this blog :’)

I love you, dear reader~! Heheh

Alright, now it’s the real byebye part~

ANNYEONG~ byeeeeee



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