02’s Pangkor Trip

So yeah, due to all the delays (plus my laziness huh sorryyy)

I now want to share the memories of District 02’s trip to Pulau Pangkor 💕😜

18th April 2014

Okay so sampai2 jeti je, me n farah went to buy ice cream taylor swift. I was told it was special edition bla3 which really got her excited haha 🙄



DSC01493 Sedap sedap 🙂

And then we got ourselves kuey teow basah ohhhhmyyyy sedap sangat sangat ^_^



Ahaha I was making the pose of “Nak sikit takk?” but then gambar ni tak clear pulak haihh :3

Okay I just realized I’m talking more about food than this trip eheheh 🙂 Hmm, time makan kuey teow tu, kitorang dah dalam ferry dah, tengah tunggu nak bertolak je.

Alahai, rindunyeeee bila tengok balik video ni :’)

Proceed to Part 2? :>


Yep I know it’s really short tapi sebab ada video nak upload nii, so sorry okay :I And one more thing, Pangkor was, like, 7 months ago. All that’s left are these pictures and videos.. I’m so sorry and I truly regret not having to tell more of the trip.. Banyak details dah lupa.. I’m just hoping to flash them back with what I have. 😦

Same goes with the others. Much regret.


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