60. Probably Things You Don’t Expect~


Assalamualaikum. 🙂

So here goes nothing:

1) I don’t talk much if I dont need to. 😁 Well sometimes I just don’t.

2) WARNING, I’m VERY TALL: 145cm 👏👏👏😭

3) I eat very very very very slowly. (seriously, you’ll be surprised) I always end up being the last one to finish my meal.

4) I’m not good at eating with fork n spoon 🍴 I prefer using my hands.

5) I have four great friends, with so much difference in personality who I love sooooo much ❤💙💚💛💜❤

6) I can act soooooo weird especially in front of my sisters 😂

7) I get high hopes since I was a kid and of course I still do. Hm.

8) I can’t swim but I wanna learn how to, I just haven’t got the chance. 😦

9) I’m indeed a very good listener. 🙂

10) I adore tall guys ehehh.

11) I always envy my friend’s height. 😓

12) I like the feeling when I step on dried leaves ahahah unexplainable.

13) I like standing next to my little sister. (makes me feel tall for a little while)😌

14) I looooooooove the colour turquoise more than any other ones. 😘

15) I never order anything else for beverages except teh ais. 🍺

16) I usually keep my thoughts to myself.

17) I get fascinated easily.

18) I love the smell of men’s perfume ahaha XD that’s me being honest~

19) I always wanted to just lie down on a green field and stare at the beautiful clouds and open sky. I would love stargazing too. But I never got the chance.

20) I miss my cat all the time. 😿

21) Im not good at sports. Except badminton. Tu pon boleylaa haih nishaaaa nisha~ 😒

22) Nisha selalu takut nak lompat longkang besar. What a coward. (But really, what if I fall??! Haaaa takutlah 😱)

24) If I get too hungry, I get angry 👿 haha but no, seriously, my sisters stay quiet when I’m hungry. Lol. 😂

25) Even though my appearance is not perfect, I’m perfectly okay with it and I love myself and what I have now. Syukur Alhamdulillah. ❤

26) I could actually understand Korean language. Especially the typical sentences they always say.

27) I have a crush on someone :)😁 and I really like that guy haha of course 💁

28) I do all sorts of crazy stuff once you get to know me. XD

29) But I’m sooo quiet and awkward when it gets to first time conversations, though. 😓

30) I get awkward too easily.

31) I rarely go somewhere without my jeans handbag hehehh👜

32) I don’t take off my watch, I wear it all the time, like, it’s almost three years of our anniversary XD ahahaha ❤⌚❤

33) My most favourite thing to watch with my family is Maharaja Lawak Mega.

34) My most favourite thing to watch most of the time are Korean dramas.

35) I like watching movies too. 📺

36) I like writing. 📒

37) I happen to over think at times. D:

38) I get so worried if fought with my friends.

39) Its so hard for me to prank someone, mesti tergelak habis~ and I would practically just ruin the whole plan 😂 sorryyyy

40) But I’m good at pranking people over the phone, though 😀 eheh

41) I think I’m addicted to Instagram hm. This is bad. Oh my.

42) When I’m sad, I tend to walk very slowly thinking of the cause of the sadness.

43) I really appreciate and love and keep and use my birthday presents for a long time. 🎉

44) I’ve never been out of the country (not that I remember) and always wanted to travel out of Malaysia. ✈

45) I get very jealous of people with long eyelashes – it’s a thing of mine. Lol.

46) Emmm I’m scared of the dark. Hard to admit but yeah. 👽

47) And because of that, I’m perfectly okay with dozing off at night with the lights on. 👌

48) I love cats. 😽😻

49) I really miss hearing my crush’s voice. He doesnt know I like him so I think it’s okay to say this ehehh 😉

50) I like to be pat on the head.

51) I like to hug my mom but she doesn’t know it.

52) And when I’m sad I really need a hug but I rarely get one.

53) I’ve always wanted an older brother. 💪 But I guess nothing can change that.

54) My favourite number is 2.

55) I sit on the left side in my mom or dad’s car, all the time since i was a kid 🙂 🚗🚙

56) I have a book of all the sweet things people say to me written in it. 📝📓

57) People say I’m understanding.

58) I wear contact lenses. 👓

59) I lack general knowledge.

60) And finally, I’m just another imperfect and humble servant of Allah ❤

I wanted to come up with just a few… But I ended up with 60 of them 😂 Sorry, mesti penat dok baca.

The end.
I sincerely love you, dear reader. Haha no lah, thank you for reading! 👍😋 Byeeeeeee


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