Another Perspective

Khusyuk. Yes. Khusyuk.

Orang yang khusyuk orang yang berjaya kan? Somehow I found it hard to do so.

I’ve asked people questions on this.

And to know more, I happen to ask from the perspective of our BWP president, Iman.

Yep that's him. I can see you noticing his famous dimple XD Btw Iman, sorry curi gambar insta haha 🙂

“Umm how do u khusyuk dalam solat? I’ve got lots of same answers. But I keep getting distracted.”

“What distracts you?”

“My thoughts. Terfikir pasal benda lain, you know.”

His answer was,

Ooh ok. Hmmm my way is to think whether I’ve read the quran, think about the time I went to mekkah, think about hell n also try to imagine what I was reading by sentence.

Thank you.

Iman, if you happen to read this. I know I’ve said this before but hey,

I really respect you. For being the president and all that but above anything else,
It’s because of this side of yours.

🙂 Thank you for that answer. It gave a huge impact on me.

And like I said, your name suits you 😀 I hope that’s true, though.

Thank you for reading, everyone.💕

*cakap macam ramai sangat je baca blog ni heh 😭

Byee Assalamualaikum.


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