Budak Gigi Besi!

Waduh waduhh 😁

November the 16th.

Braces. Yepp. Tak noticeable sangat kan 😀 That’s a good thing, I guess.

Oh my, how do I even start… Hm. Long story short, it’s not like I just had the thought of, “Hm nak pakai braces lah.”

Because I didn’t. I had to. So that the pain would just go away and I’ll never be able to go through it again. :’)

Dr. tu sendiri kata, “Eh kalau saya yang kena ni memang menangis ni, sakit..” And yeah, I did cry a lot. The pain wasn’t some joke. I had to put myself through this for a long time.

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly.. Like, imagine all~ the things that could’ve gone wrong while all the procedures, 😱 But Alhamdulillah, okay je.

Lemme tell you one thing, though.
It’s reeeeeeeeally uncomfortable.

Today is the third day after I had them. Pagi tadi, I thought, “If three days could be so hard, how can I go through one year and a half???”

Ya Allah, susahhh sangat nak makan. Sakit. Is that the right word to describe this? 😦
But they said I should be okay in a few days time.. The thing is, that feeling of pressure that goes around, pulling your teeth into place… it’s like,.. Hm.

Susah nak terangkan. 😦 I’ve been eating baby food. Jenama Farley’s tu.. They are biscuits and lepas campur air panas, jadi baby food.

It’s a good thing I liked that. Sedap sedap 🙂

Tapi… Rindu nak makan nasi. Honestly. The morning before I got my braces, I ate nasi lauk my favourite, ayam kurma Nak nasiiiiiii~~~ 😦

It’s so much harder than I thought.

Tuhan je tau how I feel. But it’s all for the better, right?

Jadi takpelah, semoga Allah tolong Nisha. Permudahkan semua. Aamiin. 🙂


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