Setelah Lama Tak Melukis

Last night I just had the urge to draw something. XD Hahaa so I went to my room, sambil2 settling down nak tidur, I decided to draw for a little while.

Started pukul 12 tengah malam, I drew and drew. Baru siap drawing the baby, tengok2 dah pukul 1 pagiii, so I just had to go sleep. At the end of it I only got this:


Ni pun tak touch up lagi so tak puas hati, I continued the next day and,



I only tambah and ubah2 two things je, tudung and dimples XD haha lol.

I love this drawingg!! I haven’t worked out my lazy hands to do art for a while now so I’m sooooooo happy that I still have it 😀 hehehh

Mmkay, byee Assalamualaikum~


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