Changing 180°?


Dear readers, whoever you are, here I want to tell you that I’ve been thinking…

I need to change myself. Like, really change 180°, serious talk.

This is depressing. A bit. Well  I’ve seen lots of,.. flaws of mine I’d have to say. Flaws that could be fixed. By either with experience or courage.

Gosh, I’m really twisting things around here.

What I mean is, I have to be better. In life.

You know what I mean? No? Okay. 😦

Hmmmmm, let’s put it this way. I,… I have to change myself. For the better. But sometimes I’m just too much of a coward to do so.

I keep avoiding lots of chances or some things when I know it’ll turn out well somehow if I just give it a try. But,… Hm.

Oh man why is it so hard to explain with words~ 😭

Takpelah, maybe it’s not meant to be explained to public. Even so, I just hope I’ll really have the courage to be a better me in the future.

Sorry if you don’t get what I’m saying.. Like, reading this post would be a waste of your time, soooo. Okay.

Just pray for me, please? For whatever I’m going through.

Thank you. May Allah bless you all. Whoever you are.



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