Poem: Feelings

Keep your distance
Take your time
It hurts but
It’s not a crime.

All the puzzles
All the lies
Things move on
And time still flies.

Feelings come and go
They blossom and fade away
The thought of it is frightening
Though it seems too cliché.

No, no, you don’t understand
Sounds simple and fine
Well, I’ve seen that happened
To the loved ones of mine.

For I know how it feels
Wounded, torn and shattered
No doubt it leaves scars
And hatred all over scattered.

This enchanting feeling
Just please stay this way
May you never change
From bright colours to shades of grey.

Please try to last long
For as long as forever
Because what happened once
Was a nightmare I don’t want to remember.


*I do not know why it sounds sooo depressing but hahaha yayy my second try 😀 Good job 😜


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