Stolen Heart, Frozen Heart

Assalamualaikum helloooo 👋

Selfie tadi ha
Selfie tadi ha

So usually I’m the one who goes around, asking people, “How’s life?”

And now, after beberapa bulan menghilang from blog ni, I’d like to update, how’s my life these days.

Alright, so Alhamdulillah, I’m healthy. 😊 Hm, I’m currently at Tanah Merah, Kelantan. No homework for the Raya holiday, surprisingly. 🙌

For June, I’ve been sad. A lot. But well, I’m feeling better now, Alhamdulillah again.

Why was I sad?

Nothing much, just the ups and downs in life everyone goes through. It’s love related 😏

Heartbreakes and wounds. Tears as I grief. Normal lah tu. Kan?


But after a lot of thinking for a while, I could say I’m more than okay (I guess?)

Biar belajar dulu, berjaya dulu. Banggakan mak ayah, at the same time, make me proud too.

The term love for now isn’t necessary, right?

I got him stealing a piece of my heart, but for now we have to be apart.

What’s left with me, is a frozen heart. No one else could melt it back. Execept si dia lah

Cewah mengada 💁Apa nisha ni 😂

Taklah, just malas nak cintan cintun ni semua. All I can do is mengharap yang terbaik daripada Allah. 💪❤

I’m still waiting for si dia tu that’s for sure.

And I always pray, that it’s worth waiting.

Deep? Eleh ni la namanya melayan perasaan 🙈😅😂

Bye bye Assalamualaikum. 💕


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