Beauty Within Personality

I stare into space. Nothing around me disturbed the whole idea of myself daydreaming, building castles in the air.


And then a question popped into my mind.

I snap out of my so-called visions.


(Cewah, ‘visions’ ye nisha? 😂 😅)

“Mom,.. Am i pretty?”, I said. There goes the sudden awkward question I ask to Mom.

Awkward, is my middle name for your information. And I’m not sure if that’s a thing to be proud of. 😅

I wasn’t even sure why in the world such a vain question would come out from myself.

Feeling embarrassed, I felt curious of Mom’s reaction.


“Yes, you are nisha.”, said Mom. Her warm smile drawn beautifully on her face.


That was not all she reacted.

Mom started to elaborate.

And this was what caught my attention.

You are pretty,

but you are prettier with your


But sometimes, when you


your prettiness decreases.

When you are sitting with other people but

 your mind is 200 miles away,

it decreases.

But really, when you smile, when you are

your bubbly self,


You are very pretty.

– Mom

Lost. I was lost for words.

Mother knows best, as they say.

Thank you, Mom. 🙂

(And I’m sorry for the awkward question 😁 )





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