#I’mPromotingMyBestie Too

Oh my gosh.


So, one of my best-est friend just started a blog, another wordpress to be exact.

It’s sajokerx.wordpress.com

If it’s too hard, its like ‘sajo ker x’

Haha it’s supposed to be SA Joker X but yeah no capital letters allowed to the link I guess.

I’m just really happy for her that she can finally post her amazing stories, (cewah kembang letuw ye 😜)

Yeah, she writes stories. A LOT of different ones. She’s soooo imaginative, like all her ideas came from outside the box.

Sometimes she might be lacking in her writing like she has typos so much cause she’s too busy focusing on her story and she’s working on her grammar too, you can bear with it though it’s really not THAT bad. 😊

So I hope people could just try and check out her blog 😄

For your information, one of her ideas are in a collaboration with my coming up novel. 😁😁😁 It’s InShaaAllah, the second one after Why Didn’t You Tell Me Earlier. Actually dari 2014 lagi, the whole story of this character named ‘Seo MiRae’ was planned PERFECTLY! We were so excited about making it into an actual book.

But then, unfortunately I was too busy with PT3. So we decided to continue after the exam, but we didn’t.

Actually, the writing was up to me, so it was me who didn’t. 😔

I don’t remember why exactly.

So I’ll be continuing the novel after SPM? I guess. 😭

But well, the whole story is just, amazing. I loved it a lot and I’ll try my best to get back to it after facing this hectic exam okay, I promised myself. InShaaAllah I will. 😊😊😊😄

So since this post is dedicated to Afrina, this is what I want to say to you. 👇

All the best GD 😜

I wish you the greatest of joy in posting in your blog. I’ll be your number one fan to be reading your blog okay 😁 Don’t worry, people will come and read it InShaaAllah, you just do your thing cause your stories are AMAZING and hey I still didn’t get to know what happens next in the school story huh so better let me know with your blog posts alright! 😄
And hey,

trust me,

you’ll really enjoy blogging (at least I hope you will haha)

ps I’m reeeally sorry for not being able to customize it into a better one 😭 We’ll try and work something out when we meet up again again okay 😏


A picture from a throwback when you came to my house, last year, buka puasa sama sama kat Kajang with my dad. 💕

So again everyone, it’s


It’s a new blog so wait for her next posts okay? 😄

#I’mPromotingMyBestie too 😆

Bye Assalamualaikum lovelies 💕


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