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–Nisha’s tribute to comeback in 2017–I don’t even know why this has to be my first entry after such a long time  –I’m sorry— Hi WordPress I’m back are you happy to see me hehe—



Sometimes people don’t understand why you ever like something you’ve actually been fond of your whole life.


But you do. You should.


“Korea lagi. Ha korea lagi.”


“Kenapa nak jadi translator? Eleh sebab K-pop la tu. Kan kann?”


I fell in love with their language when I was twelve.

I learned it by myself through the internet and TV at that age and surprisingly the next thing I knew was I could read and write Korean.

Through their music shows like Inkigayo and Music Bank and other KBS shows, I read the Korean captions, the Hangul lyrics.

I even sometimes tune into their News to read some more (without understanding at all most of the time, but I was fine hehe)


How did I know Korean?

Yes, through K-Pop.

Waktu tu lagu SNSD tengah meletup dengan Oh! or Gee and Super Junior with their Sorry Sorry la semua. Famous di kalangan kanak-kanak riang pada masa tersebut. Haha.


I liked Beast, 2PM and then SHINee. Man, I REALLY fell head over heels for SHINee.

Because of the entertainment, it got easier for me to learn Korean.


But I didn’t do it for their sake. Of course not. I learn Korean because I like it. I like their easily written characters of alphabets, I like the way they pronounce them, their way in flow of words.


I just do.


It’s like me asking a person who obsesses over ice cream,

“Why do you love ice cream?

“Because it’s sweet.”

“A lot other things are sweet. Why ice cream?”

“Sebab sedap la.”

“Macam macam lagi makanan yang sedap, lazat, penuh dengan nutrisi yang mencukupi, DHA, vitamin B6 dan sebagainya. But why ice cream?” (Sorry for the exaggeration haha)

“Because I like it.

The only last answer puts off the reason in my case. Why do I love the language so much? Because i do. I just do.


Sometimes it’s a pain through my ears when I hear people say that I’m just doing this because of K-Pop, when instead, I know for a fact that I’m doing this out of interest.


But I never let them get too far scrambling into my thoughts, not once. I kept on learning.

And so, I got drawn into it, fast.

Surprisingly too, I never stopped. (With the language, not K-Pop)

I did stop listening to K-Pop some time after I had to focus on studies. When I was form 4, I lost interest, like literally did.

But after going through half my year of being seventeen, I was infected by my dormmates who loved Korean. Haha, I guess it wasn’t a bad thing, of course I loved it, it just came at the wrong timing.

Not long after that I had something to ponder upon. The ambition-less me, (more likely to be classified as the change-from-one-to-another-ambition-in-a-few-months me) thought hard of what would be the ambition that truly fits me, that I enjoy, something that even when I take its course in university later, I’ll be working my butt off because I KNOW I want it.

… something I’ve had interest in for so long, something I’d love to devour my interest more in the future.

My feelings for this language has looooooong been planted in myself, and it’s just me who never realises it’s existence, it’s growth. I didn’t realise it took so much space already in my heart, their flowers blooming and increase, one at a time.


But then I realised.


So how about be a translator?


How about be a tourist guide?


How about work for the Korean embassy in Malaysia?


I don’t know but why not?


That thought filled me up and all the possibilities I never thought of possible splashed to me all at once.

I called my Mama and talked to her about this (waktu ni masih lagi dekat maktab), and how even more delighted I felt when she said that it wasn’t a bad idea. In fact, it’s a good one.

So I guess, if Allah wills, then alhamdulillah. If He doesn’t, then it might be something else that’s best for me.

Mama kata Nisha sesuai jadi psychiatrist, as a matter of fact an Islamic one. I would love that too 🙂

But I wanna see first if He wills me taking a step in going through the passage of future with this language I’ve been loving.

Kalau Allah permudahkan, alhamdulillah.


And whatever it is, I pray that entertainment; music, dramas, movies and whatsoever don’t drag me ahead of myself.

I pray that these things don’t delay my responsibilities, especially to our Deen.

Please pray for me too. 🙂


So, trying to relate to the top:

I know sometimes orang tanya apa la best sangat K-Pop ni. (Most of the time they bash) but you never know unless you do like it yourself.

The songs, not all of them are good, not all of them are bad either. Don’t just complain that you don’t understand it while listening, just, listen. And feel.

It’s the music that speaks to you. 🙂

Be more open minded about it. About people having interest in it.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. It’s a free country, isn’t it?

Don’t tell me if you’ve fallen for Bieber, then I have to love him too? Then the whole world has to love what you love, hate what you hate. Is that how it works for you?

Of course not. Not for any of us kan 🙂


But of course, too much of it(like you leave solat because of it, or you don’t listen to your parents when they need you) is bad. That would be really bad.

Hiburan berpada pada. Ada masanya kita berhibur, ada masanya kita luangkan untuk Allah.


Well now you’ve read until here.

And if you’ve been reading my entries since the very first ones, YOU KNOW very well how I was obsessed over this some time ago hahahahhaha.

Then you’d understand my reason for my crush to Hangul. (another name for Korean language)


I thank you, for understanding. Thank you so much.


Sometimes people don’t understand why I ever like something I’ve actually been fond of my whole life.

But I do

I absolutely do. 🙂

Later, assalamualaikum.


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