Upcoming Debut

I guess this was supposed to be (and actually a more appropriate way of) my comeback to this blog after the looooong six to seven months I’ve disappeared.


I’m staying at my hometown for a while, to get my driving license here. So internet is really limited. But I’ll keep the posts coming often in the future. Or maybe I’ll draft whatever that hangs onto my mind and post entries later.


I missed my writing self so much,  now that I’m actually writing and posting stuff, I finally feel like I’m keeping this blog alive. 🙂

“There’s more to living than just being alive.” (quote unquote)

-Madeline F. Whittier, main character from the novel Everything, Everything

So I guess besides keeping this one alive, I’ll keep it living instead. And, actually, not just this one.

I’m planning on starting a new blog.

A fresh start to the so-called grown up Nisha. Cehh baru berapa bulan keluar skolah hehe.

I’m thinking of names and good themes for it now.The new blog would be the more serious side of me.

Go visit my friend’s WordPress http://www.maisanshine.wordpress.com, and you’ll know that’s how I want the seriousness and passion shown in writing in this new blog to be (except with lots of sprinkles to be decorated by my touch lah)

That one would be the blog where my thoughts and points of views live, and this one will be the one where my emotions and feelings live. (I guess?)

I’ve heard people say that my blog is like an open diary  that people read. So I want to create another one that’s not a diary. (Do you understand what I’m saying hehe I hope you do but kalau tak pun tak apa lah nak ye)


Anyway. It’s what I want. It’ll be a new debut of a new side of the Nichachos you’ve got to know.

Wait for it with me! 🙂

Assalamualaikum. 😀


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