Dear My Sunshine,

I just finished reading Maisarah Hassan’s entry: Adios Zaman Hingusan


Ya Allah. Menangis. Tak sangka.

If you’re reading this, Maisan, please know that I miss you. I miss you, a lot.

It might be awkward to admit it but I do! Rindunya pada si kentang ni, tak boleh kata rindunya macamana.

“Adoooooooiiii.”, a word that only we understood with a pinch of laughter and smiles.

Mai .

If you’re reading this, I thank you, for being my friend. I needed you most of the time, and most of the time you were there.


Tengah menangis, mata bengkak sebengkak bengkaknya, datang jumpa kau, and you’re always there for me, even for a hug. Even if I wanted you to pat my head like I’m a little girl again. Even just to listen to what I have to share. Even to laugh at my silly jokes.

Most importantly, you guided me to our Creator, Mai. You’re a gift, one of the greatest people I’ve met in my life, yang datang dari Dia untuk perlahan lahan bawa aku ke jalan yang benar.


Maisan, know that you’re a wonderful human being. (Not a potato k hehe)

Maisan, know that youve helped me, in so many ways.

Maisan, please know I’ve never confessed my feelings publicly through my blog, so you’re the first –Aku sayang kau.



I still have the copy of this long text you replied to me:

“Hahaha relaaaax takpe takpe weh 😀 just needed some words to boost me up. A lot hv been happening. I dont think i can tell cause its tooooo long but i thought ur inspiring words usually help kan so yeah.”

– me to Maisarah Hassan

“Lol nisha, manada inspiring mana. Aku cakap kekadang try untuk tenangkan hati je hehe. Anyway nisha, pernah dengar orang kata Allah sayang Allah uji? Yes, bila banyak ujian ni sebenarnya Allah tengah rindu kat kita. Allah rindu nak dengar rintihan kita, rindu nak dengar pengakuan kita sebagai hamba lemah. Kita jangan merintih kat Allah ‘kenapa aku yang diuji?’. Selayaknya kita sebagai hamba memang untuk diuji. Berdoalah kat Allah agar dikuatkan hati kita untuk tempuh musibah yang Dia bagi. Allah does not burden someone beyond it can bear, see? This verse tells how strong you are nisha! Kalau nisha tak kuat takkanlah Allah bagi ujian seumpama tu ye dok. Be strong nisha. Life is tough but the whole world know that you are tougher! 


– Berk Kentang 2015



Your words make me feel stronger, Mai. And I’m grateful for that.

So I guess I’ll just end it with something that I used to remind you when you’re in hardship. And you reminded me too when I was down.


Mai, semoga bila bila kita sedih koyak patah hati hancur lebur dan seangkatan dengannya, aku doakan kita dua selalu ingat dialog yang pernah join our conversations,

“Kesenangan apa la eh yang Allah nak bagi lepas ni?”, and smile in tears.

It cuts deep through your heart for the remembrance of Allah, and then heals your heart simultaneously letting you leave it all in His hands.

Allah knows that I’ve been crying the whole time I wrote this. For I really miss you, my potato.




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  1. Assalamualaikum Nisha, this is me Fathin. Well, I`m hoping that you would not mind if i leave a comment. Eventually, we know each other not long enough to call it a day. Just a warmth smile and a temporary hug, show what a friend looks like.Perhaps, to me.
    Hey friend,
    Remember when I did say that your writing are inspirational? It is. Just like this one! Obviously, you are dedicated this beautiful arrangements of words to your one incredible friend called Mai, a.k.a POTATO. Isn`t it? The conversation between both of you were really lighten my spirits. Each time my eyes turn left to right, each minute felt like an eternity with clear malice towards me. How amazing it is Nisha, time continued to drift slowly forwards around me. I clenched my teeth tightly together and could do nothing but endure the tears. Yeah, it may sounds odd. A completely strangers could feel the same way like you are. Nisha, the creeping anxiety hat had taken hold of me, would soon gradually melt away. We met in a beautiful place, with noble reason and wonderful soul.

    P/S : Thanks for the quick one in a lifetime memory,

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