I Love You, Papa

No more hiatus, huh?

Hahaha. Sorry, I didn’t know Nisha could lie to Nisha.

Smooth intro, isn’t it? Ahahahahaha.

I couldn’t think of anything else.

Two nights ago, I went out to have dinner with my dad. Both my sisters were there too. We didn’t go anywhere that far, just the AEON Mall at Cheras Selatan.

It’s been a while since I last saw him, and I was really excited to spend some time being with him. The car was moving fast under the city street lights, and I felt my eyes watering, warm and blurring my eyes. I glanced at Dad, wondering if he could actually see me tearing up through the rear view of the mirror.

I don’t know, I guess I missed him a lot. And to finally see him, it feels different. I felt happy. Not that being happy is something unusual or anything.

We went to have dinner at this restaurant at the lowest floor of the mall. The food was great, but that wasn’t the highlight. It was my dad ahhahaha. He was so effortlessly funny that night *laughing/crying emoji* (Well, you know what I mean.) *more of that emoji* ahahaha.

Some of the things we talked about, was the new song this particular artist just released. Hint: I inspire, your desire. 

Um, okay.


Yaya: Papa, dah dengar ke lagu Dato’ ___ tu?

Him: Mmm. Dah. Bodo.

Us: AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA (and we literally looked like that laugh+cry emoji btw)


I don’t mean to downgrade the song or anything, let’s not emphasize on that now ahhaha, it’s the way Dad said it. Expressionless, unexpected and ahhahhaaha idk it was so sudden. *emoji* gosh do I still have to say what emoji it is?

ahahahahhaha. Kay.



Yaya: Rambut papa dah panjang la.

Him: Ha’ah, tapi boss papa tegur, dia kata tepi ni nampak macam botak.

Us: What ahahhahahahhahaha



And later on we went to buy ice cream, and fruit yogurt, I think. The yogurt was my sister’s. Wait, or was it ice blended? I don’t know. It was apple flavoured, and the guy selling and preparing it was holding 4 green apples in his hands.

So my dad asked,

“Oh, memang letak 4 biji apple eh?”

“Dia ikut apa yang abang order. Abang nak order regular ke large ya?”

“Tak tahu.”, he bluntly said, 

….when he was the one paying. *more and more of those emojis ahhahha I’m typing through an emoji-less keyboard here, don’t hate me*

And he sounded like a boy saying ‘I don’t know’ when his mother asked if he knows where the missing tv remote control went to. Ahaha.


And then he was looking at the banner of a discount for the ice cream.

He read out loud,

“…30% off every 30th each month.”

He looked down on his watch and said, “ESOK?!”

and he walked away. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA kelakar lah

I mean, a second ago he was surprised and a second after, he’s all back to normal. Hahahaha idk, if you saw it, you’d laugh too.

It was so random.

And we were all so bright.


When we got back home, me and my sisters talked about how differently happy he was tonight. “He rarely talks, you know, but when he does, it’s nice.”, my elder sister wrapped it up.

And I returned home with a phone with no battery, a dead one. Then I realized that it was low battery all along, and I didn’t really play my phone. It’s nice to know that, because I could say I used the whole time I spent with him with no distractions, with no phone notifications around. It was just being there with him.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this, but it’s nice to keep it here, I guess. Why not, right?


Papa, Ica sayang Papa. 🙂

You’d probably know that already. But I feel like saying it again.

I love you!



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