I’m A Happy Korean Panda

Hi! 😀

Well I really need to learn how to write without using emojis. :’)

How are you? (Whoever you are, and yeah don’t answer, because I wouldn’t know anyway) *cries the Han River*

Okay another question, how do I get through writing an entry without an introduction? I always stare into the computer screen, wondering how I should write an opening… and I’d end up wanting to go straight to the point anyway. Hahaha ish.

Um, so… I should just get to it now? Hahahaha see? My brain is stoned from thinking about this, I don’t even want to do it anymore lol



Omg, yesterday.


Probably the obvious highlight of the day was that me and my T6 famz went to Zoo Negara for our class trip (uhuh yes the zoo, why? hahahaha k)

But I’d like to just mention about how a day before that, me and my housemates were speaking a little bit of korean and all. And I felt like being punched – I really miss speaking that language, and yes it hurts THAT much – I mean, what if I lose it? What if day by day it slips away from my mind (in speaking especially), it just made me wanna practice more, but not having anyone to help me improve (not even myself for the time being), is… just sad. :’)

So that was one day before yesterday.

Until suddenly, yesterday’s lunchtime came.

We headed to Melawati Mall for it, and eventually me and a few others ended up eating Korean food.

When we had to order, a waitress came to take ours . With one look, I could recognize it – she was a Korean??

OMG excited dia tak tahu nak explain macamana! (ha kan dah keluar bm ni lololol)

It was obvious; her face, her way of saying and repeating the name of the food we ordered, and yeah just her.

So it was too exhilarating that I couldn’t help myself! I just had to talk to her. When she was picking up the menus, I said “Gamsahamnida~!” (I’ll just write the romanization okay?)

And then, before she could leave our table, this was what happened –

Me: Hokshi hanguk saramieyo?  By any chance are you Korean?

Her: Ne, jega yeonghwa jal mothaeyo. Yes I am, I can’t really speak english well.

Me: Ah jeongmalyo? Jeoneun hanguk jinjja johaeyo! Ah really? I really like korea!

Her: Hanguk mal jarhaeyo. You can speak korean well.

Me: Gamsahamnida!! Jeoneun ajik ‘learning‘-ieyo hehe. Keunyang jogeumman jal arayo. Thank you!! I’m still learning hehe. I am only good in a few things.

Her: Aniyo, hanguk mal jeongmal jarhaeyo~ No, your korean is really good~

Me: Ahhh jeongmal gamsahamnida!!! Jeoneun EXOga dwawegae johaeyo~ Ahhh thank you so much!!! (DAH KENA PUJI TU YA ALLAH HAPPY GILA TAHAP APA PUN TAK TAHU HAHAHAI really like EXO~

Her: Ahhh, hokshi EXO Chanyeol? Ahh, is it Chanyeol (that you like the most)?

Me: Aniyo, Kyungsoo, D.O.neun jeongmal johaeyo. No, Kyungsoo, D.O, I really like him

Her: Ahh ne. Ahh, okay

Me: Hehe jal mogeulkaeyo! Gamsahamnida~ Hehe I’ll eat well! Thank you~

Her: Ne, jal mogojuseyo~ Yes, please enjoy the food~


Happy diaaaa ya Allah HAPPY GILA

Lol why am I using 2 languages now ahahahahaha sorry

And then when we were paying, I asked her a few things, and she said she was from Busan, she’s been working in Malaysia for 3 years now, and she told me I should come to Busan someday,

Me: Jega Hanguk jinjja gago shippeoneunde, ajik mothaneungeoeyo.. Don eobseoyo ahaha I really want to go to Korea but I can’t yet. I don’t have money ahaha

She’s so shy and kept repeating “bukkeureowoyo (I’m embarrassed)” every time we tell her “you’re really really pretty” and all

It’s just so so so SO nice to have an actual conversation with someone whose native language is Korean, you know. I was so hyped up and I couldn’t say how happy I really was. :’)


Now I’m, even more motivated to learn the language further. Hm, it’s a shame, throughout writing this only do I realize that I DIDN’T EVEN ASK WHAT HER NAME WAS :”)

Great, Nisha :’)

Anyway. I wanted to talk about the zoo trip and all, but I guess not for now. I might do a few entries about my classmates later in the future, maybe do some throwbacks, who knows.


(…if any of you are reading la hahahahhaaha ok.)

Anyway I gtg cause MAMA OTW DATANG DENGKIL RN OMGGGG AHSJHAHDASJAKDFYS HAPPY LAGI YEAY (shout out to you too mom I really love you hehe ok jap ica nak siap ni)

Till later, Assalamualaikum 😀



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